ECHO Network Overview Documents:

2018 ECHO 2-Page Overview- English

2017 ECHO 4-Page Overview- English 
2017 ECHO 4-Page Overview- French

ECHO Network Meeting Reports

To learn more about the ECHO Network launch that took place in Prince George, B.C. May 9-11, 2017, or the 2018 ECHO Network  Annual Meeting that took place in Camrose, AB July 29- August 1, 2018, you can access the reports here:

2018 ECHO Annual Meeting Report 

2017 ECHO Launch Meeting Report

ECHO Network Radio Interviews

Northern Health a Partner in Group Research into Health Impacts of Resource Development; interview with Dr. Margot Parkes.

Related ECHO Network Resources

Several ECHO Network team members led the following instalments of the Ecohealth in Action Webalogue Series.

Farrales M, Schafenacker N, Aldred L (2018) ” One good story, that one: Arts-based approaches to reconnecting land, body and spirit” Ecohealth in Action Webalogue Series. Nov 20,2018, Available here

Parkes, MW, Surette C, Fauré A, Skinner S, Brubacher J, Dolan S (2018) “The ECHO Network: Update on Regional Case Activity” Ecohealth in Action Webalogue Series. Oct 17, 2018. Available here

Parkes, MW, Aalhus M, Gislason M, Kutzner D, Hallstrom L, Surette C, Skinner (2017). “Introducing the Environment, Community, Health Observatory (ECHO) Network — Strengthening intersectoral capacity to understand and respond to health impacts of resource development.”  Ecohealth in Action Webalogue Series. May 25, 2017. Available here

CoPEH Canada- Ecohealth Action Webinar Series

Ness Lake near Prince George, BC. Photo credit: Diana Kutzner

Ness Lake near Prince George, BC. Photo credit: Diana Kutzner